Studer Innotec

Studer Innotec's new MPPT VarioString Solar Industry Awards winner 2014

Studer Innotec is honoured and proud to have received the 2014 Solar Industry Award in the category "PV Balance of System" for its new MPPT solar charge controller VarioString.

More than just a MPPT solar charge controller, the VarioStringenables quicker installation, more flexible design and reduced BOS costs of PV systems from a few kWp to 105kWp.

With up to a maximum 900Vdc open circuit voltage, 120A battery charge current and 105kWp with 15 units connected in parallel, theVarioString can be used in a wide variety of installations from single residential to community mini-grid applications.

On September 23, Studer Innotec, represented by Eric Werfeli and Julie Studer from Studer's sales and marketing team, was presented with the prize during the awards ceremony held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

As the solar industry awards winners are elected by voters within the photovoltaic market, we would like to warmly thank the voters for their confidence in the qualities of our new product.