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Off-grid electrification at high altitude

Powering alpaca wool production at 4100 m in Chile

Studer power electronics are reliable also at high altitudes. This off-grid PV hybrid system powers the collection and processing of camelid fibre contributing to a sustainable development of the Visviri community.

Energy everywhere

Remote areas

Constant and reliable power supply that is fully or partially supplied by renewable energies to users without access to the electrical grid.

Let the sun shine Twice

Self-consumption Systems

It is possible to reduce dependence on the electrical grid and increase the consumption of energy produced locally by adding battery storage of renewable energy.

Power beyond limits

Maritime applications

Reliable energy for safe navigation at all times.

Energy on the move

Land applications

All the power of an energy supply at the service of vehicles for emergency response, commercial or leisure activities.

Power anytime

Backup Systems

Uninterrupted power supply of appliances which are supplied by the public grid, in case of a power cut.

Energy you can rely on

Telecom applications

Reliable communications are always desired – even better with the help of renewable energies.

More than just power

Industrial market applications

Studer Innotec offers global backup solutions for all industries requiring a reliable and uninterruptible power supply for their appliances and ensures the completion of complex processes.

Swiss mind power

Special application areas

Perhaps we have the solutions to realize your ingenious ideas!


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Studer Innotec

Off-Grid Experience and Competence

Studer Innotec manufacturers its inverter/chargers and MPPT charge controllers in Switzerland, according to the best practices of the country, so that they fulfil their promise in offering an excellent return on investment.

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Studer Innotec


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