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OpenStuder Examples: Modbus communication with Siemens PLC

Openness towards the world and control by third party systems is one of the characteristics of the current Xtender range and all our future products.

To facilitate the work of integrators and developers, Studer Innotec is launching in 2020 the OpenStuder initiative, which will include various tools and examples making life easier for our customers.

A month ago, we announced the availability of the XCOM-485i module that allows communication in Modbus, greatly facilitating communication to PLCs and any other external supervision system.

Today we share with you an implementation example of the Modbus Studer with a Siemens PLC. In this case, the communication with the Xtender as well as a simple HMI example are presented. This implementation example allows the visualization of an Xtender system with a BSP. In addition, it includes the functionalities of switching on/off the inverter and changing the value of the maximum input current from the Siemens HMI interface.  

All the source files and documentation for this example can be downloaded here. Please note that these documents are uploaded for your use, as an example intended to help you to get started with such application. However, Studer cannot provide further support about the operation of Siemens PLCs.

The openness of Studer devices facilitates the integration of our converters into a wide range of different applications such as building automation. OpenStuder aim is to help our professional clients to develop their own customized applications and even to create their own solution integrating Studer converters on it. Please do not hesitate to share with us any interesting initiative or application that turns out of such solution integration.

Coming soon: Python communication library... we keep you posted

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YSMT, Your Studer Marketing Team