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Studer Innotec announces new board of directors

Loïc Viret, Pierre-Olivier Moix, Hans Peter Biner; Studer Innotec's new board of directors

Studer Innotec has a new board of directors as from October 15, 2018. The three new directors all have a long and solid experience from the renewable energy industry, a passion for working with Studer products and a desire to further develop the Studer brand.

We are pleased to announce that Loïc Viret has taken up the position of CEO and that Pierre-Olivier Moix and Hans-Peter Biner will share the position as CTO.

Our Studer staff possesses a strong technical knowledge and over 30 years of experience of developing high quality power electronics for battery based systems.  We are confident that with the new board's leadership, they will continue to deliver great value, support and innovation to our customers.


Loïc Viret holds an engineering degree in industrial systems from the University of applied sciences HES-SO and a master's degree in business administration from Geneva University. As manager and entrepreneur, he is known for his creative approach to innovation and for his involvement in the field of energy management systems. Loïc Viret is co-founder of, a service provider for hybrid energy systems in remote and challenging environments. He started his professional career working for Studer Innotec and now he is back to put his thorough understanding of renewable energy systems, from design to installation, to work for the further advancement of our company. 
Pierre-Olivier Moix holds a master degree in electrical engineering from EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. He has a broad theoretical and practical knowledge of power electronics and renewable energy systems from his previous positions as researcher, developer, installer and professor. He has worked 7 year at Studer Innotec, first as development engineer and then as R&D manager. It was during these years that he met Loic Viret, with whom he co-founded   
Hans-Peter Biner holds a degree in electrical engineering from EPFZ, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and is a specialist on energy conversion and power electronics. He held an elemental role in the development of renewable energy in Valais being involved in countless innovative projects. For example, he worked together with Roland Studer to develop Studer Innotec's first inverter, the Twinpower. Mr Biner held the position as professor in electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences HES-SO Valais for 25 years.