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Studer Portal: another step towards the future Studer Energy Management

During the last months, our engineering team has been working on new features to integrate into the monitoring web portal. We do believe that even small improvements can make a big difference, and this is reason why we are continuously supporting our ongoing projects. 

As a result of these continuing efforts we are happy to announce interesting new features available in our online monitoring tool.

System graphs to keep an eye on the system

In the datalog section, we have refurbished our main system graphs summary: system power, system energy and battery graphs.

In addition, we have included detailed graphics per each main system component: xtender, variotrack, variostring. Thus, the different power, voltage, current, energy and even the state of the auxiliary relays can be easily checked for a better understanding of what happens in an energy system.

Offline installations supported in the portal

A great new feature for offline or remote installations without communication possibilities. From now on, a new installation can be added into the portal even if there is no xcom LAN/GSM in the system.

The monitoring files (.csv) stored in the SD card of an RCC/xcom can be uploaded into the portal. All the recorded data (datalogs) will be integrated in the graphs for a graphical view. An existing installation without internet access can now be supervised indirectly with the portal.

Your customer can then load the datalogs into the portal and share with you the installation. You will have access to all the details within the Studer portal so you can provide your comments and expertise. Following-up a customer installation, even if it is offline, it is now straightforward using the Studer portal: a professional tool for a professional service to the final users.

New export data tool

The treated data in one chart can be exported in a single .csv file. This will facilitate your own advanced analysis with Excel or other software tools. For example, it is possible to plot the daily energies of a whole year and export the .csv. This file will facilitate the analysis if we want to have the information from a specific period of the year, grouping daily details into customized ranges.  

An image is worth a thousand words

We have also integrated the possibility to add several pictures of the installation instead of having a single photo installation. Yes, it is nice to have more pictures. We are sure that you are great photographers, but we truly believe that this is a very powerful tool to easily build up the documentation of the installation. A few years after commissioning, the installer perhaps does not remember all the aspects of the installation and having pictures of the various elements provides precious details.

Continuous development

Besides the mentioned features, additional aspects have been upgraded following the feedbacks that we receive regularly. The Studer Portal is going one step closer to become the perfect tool for professionals. And the improvements will continue in the future, so we keep in touch.

Best regards,

YSMT, Your Studer Marketing Team