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Studer Python Library: step easily in the developer’s world

The new XCOM-485i allows MODBUS communication with the Xtender world, but this is only half of the job: Who’s communicating and how?

Wherever Python programming language can be run, you can develop whether with a personal computer or a single board nano computer. Python is no longer to be presented and allows the performing of the software applications in a reduced time.

To ease the work of your developer job, the Python source code to communicate with Xtender is freely available on GitHub and a QuickStart guide helps you to make the first steps (available here in downloadà OpenStuder).

The Studer’s libraries let you access each parameter and information contained into Studer’s devices for monitoring and/or control. Examples for each case are provided and  can be used as a basic canvas or extended into a tailored solution to your requirements, letting your ideas become reality with Studer.

Ready to use, those libraries let you exploit the full potential of each Studer devices for your own implementation. Just Plug’n’Dev:

  • Easy access to Studer gateways and ultimate control over the Studer devices
  • Forget about low-level configurations and time-consuming debugging
  • Simply focus on your solution and adapt it to your needs
  • Fast and easy development, thanks to Python language

The various use-case enabled are:

  • Create your own remote-control:
    • Build your own GUI
    • Monitor data the way it´s best for you
    • Log them into your preferred file format
    • Display them on your own dashboard
  • Control the system as you need
    • Adapt it easily with your environment
    • Regulate it with your own algorithm
    • Set up laboratories to educate students on energy production, conversion and storage
  • Adapt pre-existing shared solutions
    • Get inspired from the community
    • Be efficient
  • Be part of the community
    • share your DIY application

From a simple Python script reading the battery voltage to a more complex fully build application every case is possible; from plug’n’play to plug’n’dev every hobbyist, developer, integrator, teacher, student, etc… everyone will find an answer with Open Studer.