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Sustainable access to energy, new brochure!

This is happening. And this is happening now.

Faced with the consequences of the coronavirus and the climate change, many governments, ministries, inter-governmental organizations, NGOs and the private sector are joining forces to develop solar energy and electrification in rural areas as an affordable, climate-friendly, rapidly deployable means of energy that lay the foundation for economic revitalization.

Studer Innotec has set up a new team dedicated to solutions for sustainable rural electrification and to supporting decarbonization of the field operations in humanitarian contexts.

Our brand new innovations in the field of off-grid, hybrid, mini-grid, educational, financial and technological services are waiting for you in our new brochure "Sustainable Access to Energy - Energy for Humanitarian Response and Sustainable Development".  Enjoy reading it and do not hesitate to ask us your questions at the following address:

We hope to see you soon.

ysmt, your studer marketing team