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The New vt 40

Let us introduce you to the little brother of the variotracks.

The vt 40 solar charge controller has the characteristics of the existing variotrack in its genes, from its appearance to software that has been tried and tested for years.

The hardware has been optimised to operate at lower power. It has the same robustness as the vt 80 and vt 65 models. Inside is state-of-the-art power electronics technology with interlaced multi-channel and modern Mosfets of the highest efficiency.

The vt 40 is very appealing when coupled with an xtm or xts inverter for small systems.

The recommended solar power with this 40 amp charger are as follows:

  • 625W of solar for a 12V battery system
  • 1250W for 24V systems
  • 2500W for 48V systems

This new device has a real place in the family of products for building autonomous systems with lower energy requirements than we had with its big brothers.

The new vt 40 is available to order today. We are currently manufacturing the first series that will be delivered in October. Let’s plan your new smart energy system with the new vt 40 on it!

ysmt, your studer marketing team