Studer Innotec

The New Xcom-485i

The new Xcom-485i allows the integration of Studer devices in advanced control applications using Modbus RTU, the universal communication protocol in the industrial environment. Over RS485, the implementation is smoother, through a more robust and noise immune bus, making the new Xcom-485i the preferred choice for system integrators.  

The new Modbus RTU communication is framed within the OPEN STUDER platform, which encloses the different communication bridges, documentation, implementation examples; for facilitating the integration of Studer devices in complex and customized system architectures. Our open philosophy is the basis of the bidirectional communication with our devices, allowing to read all the information from the system as well as to take full control. Through the OPEN STUDER platform we hope that your system can maximizes the full potential of our devices.

You can find the Xcom-485i documentation in our website. We already have some units in stock in our factory waiting for you next Studer system integration.

We are looking forward to your feedback and further learning about interesting projects with Studer devices.

Best regards,

YSMT, Your Studer Marketing Team