Studer Innotec

Remote areas

Security and comfort (lighting, heating, household appliances, leisure electronics, telecoms...) can now be provided by autonomous energy systems; when far away from any electrical grid, either by choice or reason. These systems consist firstly of an energy source; normally a genset, a solar generator, a wind turbine or a combination of these; secondly of a battery storage, and then thirdly of devices (inverter-charger, battery charger) able to charge the battery from this energy source and to supply users with AC voltage (inverter, inverter-charger).

A basic solar home system with an inverter

A complete solar system can be built by combining an inverter from the AJ series and the "solar charge control" integrated function (as an option). One single device can then both supply alternating current (AC) and charge the battery with direct...

Village electrification

Supplying energy to professional applications like hotels, health centres, hospitals, schools, etc. requires reliable, modular and powerful stand-alone systems. Building a public micro-grid implies the same requirements. The product family Xtender /...