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Advantages of using Studer products with lithium batteries

Xcom-CAN is a clever communication module that handles the communication between Studer devices and the lithium batteries BMS (Battery Management System). Battery inverter/chargers in the Xtender series and MPPT solar charge controllers in the VarioTrack and VarioString series present many advantages when used in energy systems with communicative lithium batteries. These are the key benefits:

Easy and user-friendly installation icon

Easy and user-friendly installation

Once all devices have been connected and the power is turned on, the Xcom-CAN takes control of the batteries using information from their integrated BMS. There is no need for further configuration and your system will be ready to run in a few minutes.

Optimal lifetime

Optimal use, optimal lifetime

Thanks to the communication between the battery’s BMS and Xcom-CAN, the system will ensure that your battery is used safely, i.e. within the limits provided by the BMS (charging current, voltage level, temperature, etc.). An optimal battery use and lifetime will be achieved.

Cetralised control of the charging current icon

Centralized control of the charging current

A unified set up is done automatically without the need to define the battery charge current manually on each device. When there are VarioTrack or VarioString devices in the installation, priority is given to solar energy. 

Installation controlled by 2 parameters only icon

Installation controlled by two parameters only

Two parameters are needed to control your installation based on the battery’s SOC. You can easily define the behaviour of the installation by setting the SOC for back-up, self-consumption and grid feeding.

Global monitoring with Studer RCC icon

Global monitoring of the battery with the RCC

All information provided by the battery’s BMS (voltage, current, SOC (State of charge), temperature) is available on the RCC remote control display. The RCC also records and makes available every warning/error message sent from the battery’s BMS.

10 year product warranty

10-year product warranty