Studer Innotec

Monitoring: supervision of Studer installations

Key benefits of remote monitoring
"When it takes over 2 hours by road and by helicopter to reach an installation, remote monitoring is essential" A Studer customer
"Thanks to the available data we could provide reporting of installations operations to our customers and this allowed us to keep a privileged contact with them. I am convinced that this type of service can be developed by all Studer clients. It's up to us to provide them with the relevant tools.” Pierre-Olivier Moix, co-founder of OFFGRID.CH and CTO of Studer Innotec SA.

Today, monitoring a renewable energy system is essential for its after-sales service. The Studer monitoring tools help the user with continuous information for an understanding of the operation of the facilities, it gives ideas for improvements and helps to anticipate problems.

It enables the installer to make regular reporting to its customers. The monitoring is possible as well locally as remotely with all Xtender inverter/chargers and Vario MPPT chargers.

Access the Studer portal

Remote monitoring: keeping an eye on a system’s operation, anticipating potential problems

Remote monitoring has been available for several years and it never stops evolving. Today it is possible to visualize in real-time on Internet the state of a connected installation as well as consulting graphs of a system’s past behaviour.

Key benefits of remote monitoring:

  • Live view of a system’s consumption and production
  • Remote access to the system including programming possibilities
  • Graphic views of the system’s operating history
  • Consult logbook of events and alarms
  • All data history downloadable as a standard .csv file
  • Receive notifications by email and SMS
  • Share the monitoring of installations, but manage right access to the different funtionalities.
  • Direct monitoring for mobile phone users on Studer’s app “Easy monitoring”

Local monitoring: All essential information saved directly on SD card at the place of installation

Even without Internet connection, key data regarding the installation is recorded every minute. This saved data makes it possible to precisely analyse the system operation later. In case of a problem, all historic data can be extracted and analysed. The remote-control modules RCC-02/-03 as well as the Xcom-LAN/-232i all have an included SD card to perform the automatic data recording.

For ease of use of these data, a specific tool has been developed on a programme everyone knows: Excel.  The "Xtender Data Analysis Tool" is available to download for free from the download section on Studer Innotec’s website.

Visualization tools adapted to everyone

People are different when it comes to which information they want to see. Some persons prefer to see lots of data, whereas others prefer a strict minimum. Some know it all, some understand little. Therefore, Studer Innotec offers different visualisation tools for different user profiles.

An advanced user will have all detailed information on the monitoring portal. It is also possible to share the access to an installation with limited functionalities.

In the new Studer mobile app “Easy Monitoring” (coming soon), it is possible for both users and installers to instantly monitor remote installations. It has a user-friendly design which makes it easy to keep an eye on an installation as it successfully displays the most important system values at a glance. It is not possible to modify the programming of the system and therefore this remote monitoring can be shared without risks.

Studer products for monitoring

Communication set via Internet with Xcom-LAN

Xcom-LANXtender, VarioTrack and VarioString systems can be constantly controlled from any remote terminal, computer, tablet or smartphone. The communication set Xcom-LAN allows connecting to sites with mobile coverage with a 3-4-5G router or simply with internet-connection over a local network.




Remote control and programming module RCC-02

RCC-02The RCC-02 enables the user to supervise the system and to completely adapt it to the needs through the many parameter settings available on the Xtender, the VarioTrack and the VarioString. It has an SD card slot for local data recording.




Remote control and programming module RCC-03

RCC-03The RCC-03 enables the user to supervise the system and to completely adapt it to the needs through the many parameter settings available on the Xtenders, on the VarioTracks and on the VarioStrings. It has a SD card slot for local data recording.