Studer Innotec

Around the battery

Battery chargers, MBC series 12-24V

Battery chargers AC->DC, with waterproof case (IP65), for an optimal battery charge from an AC source (generator, public grid, shore power). For charge currents from 3 to 15Adc for 12 or 24Vdc batteries.

DC/DC converters, MDCI series 12-24V

DC/DC voltage converters with galvanically isolated input and output. Capacities from 100 to 330W, with input voltage from 9-120Vdc and output voltage of 12 or 24Vdc.

Battery monitor, SBM-02 12-24V

Visualization and monitoring of the battery. Battery voltage range of 9 to 35Vdc standard; up to 175Vdc with voltage pre-scaler accessory SBM-PS-02.